MindMaze Group Secures USD 125 Million Financing
13.10.2021 |


MindMaze, a global pioneer in the digital neurotherapeutics market, currently collaborates with approximately ninety healthcare providers and has a product portfolio that has received three FDA clearances and four CE marks across eight clinical indications. The proceeds will be used to accelerate commercialization of, and enhance market access for, its neuro-rehabilitation platform in North America and Europe, and expand its neuro-restorative portfolio.

MindMaze delivers seamless digital assessments and therapeutics over the full continuum of care in over twenty countries, with thousands of patients suffering from neurological conditions. Backed by over seventy patent families, MindMaze's innovative digital neurotherapeutics platform combines highly engaging, personalized, protocolized, quantified, gamified digital therapeutic content supported by tailored smart peripherals that target two distinct areas of care: neuro-rehabilitation and neuro-restoration. 

The financing was provided by AlbaCore Capital Group, one of Europe's leading specialist investors focusing on public and private corporate credit markets. According to an article by Bloomberg, MindMaze is valued at more than $1.5 billion after receiving the financing. MindMaze will use the proceeds to accelerate commercialization and expand its neuro-restorative portfolio through further system development and clinical trials in additional indications including acute stroke, Parkinson disease, Alzheimer disease, traumatic brain injury, multiple sclerosis and aging. 

AlbaCore Capital Group's Managing Partner and Chief Investment Officer, David Allen, says: "We are excited to partner with MindMaze. We believe that MindMaze is positioned to dramatically improve care for millions of patients, and with this fresh capital will be able to rapidly scale."

 Tej Tadi, PhD, MindMaze founder and CEO, stated: "This investment by AlbaCore will allow us to accelerate our proven neuro-rehab platform and advance commercialization of our evidence-based neuro-restorative solutions in stroke, traumatic brain, aging and Parkinson disease. One avenue to pursue will be to partner with pharmaceutical companies to promote brain repair by combining our digital therapeutic neurorestorative approach with emerging drug discovery.”