Three Vaud businesses make the list of Europe’s “super scale-ups”
18.02.2020 |

This year, the Vaud Office for Economic Affairs and Innovation (SPEI) is again a sponsor of the Tech Tour Growth Summit, an annual event that showcases the top 50 scale-ups in Europe. Four Swiss firms, including three from Vaud – Flyability, Kandou and Nexthink – made the list this year. The 50 scale-ups are selected out of 400 young European businesses and have the potential to become tomorrow’s unicorns.

The 50 winning companies – known as the Tech Tour Growth 50 – are showcased every year at the Tech Tour Growth Summit, an international event held on the shores of Lake Geneva. These fastgrowing, high-tech firms have the potential to generate millions of dollars in revenue and to join the prestigious group of unicorns, or privately-held businesses valued at over $1 billion. The Summit is designed to bring together the CEOs of these “super scale-ups” and investors. Four Swiss scale-ups, including three from Vaud, in this year’s Tech Tour Growth 50 Vaud-based Flyability, Kandou and Nexthink, as well as Zurich-based Beekeeper, are on the list of this year’s top 50 scale-ups. That makes them eligible to receive a Growth and Innovation Award, which Vaud-based Sophia Genetics won in 2019. Like Flyability, Kandou and Nexthink, Sophia Genetics is in the Scale Up Vaud program – an initiative launched by Innovaud, the Vaud innovation agency, to promote fast-growing local businesses. According to Patrick Barbey, Director of Innovaud, “Having Vaud scale-ups in the Tech Tour Growth 50 reflects the strength of our innovation ecosystem here in Vaud, as well as in Switzerland as a whole. These companies have reached a point where they can start achieving their ambitious business development goals on the international stage.” Twenty-seven companies are currently in the Scale Up Vaud program, including Switzerland’s first unicorn, MindMaze.

About Flyability, Kandou and Nexthink

Flyability has developed drones that can safely explore hard-to-reach places that would be dangerous or impossible for humans to access.

Kandou supplies technology that allows computer chips to exchange data with each other faster and with less energy.

Nexthink gives managers the tools to enhance their employees’ digital experience. With Nexthink, IT managers can cut costs, boost system reliability and improve data security. Read the full company portrait


Two key elements about Switzerland at the Tech Tour Growth 50

• With four companies in the Tech Tour Growth 50, Switzerland comes third, preceded by the United Kingdom and Germany

• Key areas of innovation in our country stand out once again this year, with information and communication technologies (ICT) and digital (Kandou, Nexthink, Beekeper) and drones (Flyability).