Four new companies join the Scale Up Vaud program
06.02.2020 |

Astrocast, Edgelab, L.E.S.S. and Olympe enter the Scale Up Vaud program in 2020. A total of 27 Vaud companies are members of the label. Since their creation, these companies have together generated 3,176 jobs worldwide, including 1,818 in Switzerland.

Only a very small number of start-ups are going through a phase of strong growth. They then face new challenges, at an accelerated rate: internationalization, fundraising which amounts to millions (see below), recruitment or large-scale production, mainly. It is to support these companies in this specific period of their development that Innovaud created the Scale Up Vaud program in 2016. Helping scale-ups also means contributing to the good health of the regional economy. Vaud scale-ups generate a lot of jobs: in 2019, 671 new jobs were created worldwide, including 300 in Switzerland.

Vaud scale-ups attract investors

Last year, the companies labeled Scale Up Vaud 2019 together raised 191 million Swiss francs: Kandou, 55.5 million; Sophia Genetics, 76 million; DEPsys, 13.2 million; Swissto12, 18.1 million; Gamaya, 12 million; Bestmile, 16.2 million. "These impressive amounts will help maintain the strong dynamic of job creation and value within our economy," said Patrick Barbey, Director of Innovaud.

The video of Green Motion, a Vaud scale-up, on the challenges of internationalization:


The new 2020 scale-ups

Astrocast, Edgelab, Olympe and L.E.S.S. (see descriptions below) are joining the Scale Up
Vaud initiative this year. They look forward to the support and exchanges they can build
around their growth. For Cédric Ullmo, CEO of Edgelab, "Scale Up Vaud is a great initiative and we are happy to participate. Joining this ecosystem will provide us with valuable opportunities and we look forward to actively contributing to it."

Astrocast (ICT / IoT, space) partnered with the European Space Agency, Airbus, and Thuraya,
to develop an advanced, low-latency, low cost nanosatellite network for IoT applications.

Edgelab (ICT / fintech) empowers private banks to achieve long-term success by providing
them technology solutions with unprecedented value.

Olympe (ICT / software) reinvents software development to boost the business impact of IT
teams since 2015. 

L.E.S.S. (Industry / nanotechnology), or Light Efficient Systems, introduces the next
generation of distributed lighting systems as a new alternative to today's LEDs or discharge tubes.

The scale-ups 2020 at a glance
● 27 companies
● 671 new jobs created by the scale-ups in 2019: 300 in Switzerland and 371 in foreign
● Since their creation, these companies have together generated 3,176 jobs
worldwide, including 1,818 in Switzerland
● 20% of annual growth in terms of jobs in one year (from 2019 to 2020)
● Companies aged from 5 to 22 years: the scale-ups are not start-ups anymore. Some
are SMEs
● The average age of the 27 scale-ups is of 10 years