The 21 Scale Up Vaud companies have created 1'300 jobs worldwide
22.03.2018 | Lara Rossi

Two years after its launch by Innovaud, the Scale Up Vaud initiative is growing steadily, just as the 21 companies based in the Canton of Vaud that are part of it. These companies, which for many made their debuts as startups, are now active in Switzerland but also at the international level. Together, they have generated 1'300 highly qualified jobs in the world since their creation, out of which 961 are based in Switzerland. In 2017, 179 jobs were created in Switzerland (against 140 in 2016), which represents a 23% growth in one year. The best «job-creators» are Pix4D and Flyability, with 44 and 35 new jobs respectively in 2017.

When a new startup idea blossoms in the mind of an entrepreneur, he or she can count on numerous resources and programs to start off his or her young company. Once the early stages passed, the first investors and clients found, entrepreneurs face totally new challenges: for example, how to manage the strong growth of the company in Switzerland and abroad, find the right staff, promote the technology and deliver every product or service on time to a growing amount of customers?

It is in order to support these companies, which are not really startups anymore due to their growth and age, that Innovaud created the Scale Up Vaud label in 2016. Other important criteria: companies have to generate 20% of new jobs in average every year to obtain the label.

For Jurgi Camblong, CEO of the leading data-driven medicine company and scale-up Sophia Genetics, “Innovaud played a key role in our development since our start. We now carry the label Scale Up Vaud. Such support helped us make our technology available to clinicians, which empowers them to better and faster diagnose their patients. As of today, Sophia Genetics is deployed in 58 countries worldwide and is helping to diagnose 1 patient every 5 minutes!” For Fabrizio Lo Conte, CEO of eSMART developing intelligent and connected solutions for the real estate sector, “the Scale Up Vaud label brought us both visibility and credibility towards our customers, who are looking for innovative and reliable solutions”.

Today, 21 companies active in all innovation domains form the Scale Up Vaud community (see list below). Other than their job creation strength, their success also enhances the image of Switzerland as an innovative country. “The progress of the scale-ups strengthens the positioning of the Canton of Vaud as an innovation hub; for example, in the autonomous vehicles’ domain with BestMile, who just announced having raised USD 11 million today”, explains Patrick Barbey, Director of Innovaud. “For these entrereneurs, the label is also a recognition for all the efforts accomplished so far”.

The scale-up companies at a glance:

  • 21 firms from Canton of Vaud in a strong growing phase: Abionic (Medtech), Atracsys (Medtech), BestMile (Software), DEPsys (Cleantech), DomoSafety (Software), Elite (bedding systems), eSmart (Smarthome), Flyability (Drones), GaitUp (Wearables), GreenMotion (Cleantech), INGPHI (Architecture&Design), Lunaphore (Biotech), MindMaze (AR/VR), NetGuardians (Software), Nexthink (Software), Pix4D (Drones), QGel (Biotech), RegenLab (Biotech), SenseFly (Drones), Sophia Genetics (Medtech) and Swissto12 (Satellite telecommunications)
  • 10 scale-ups in 2016, 14 in 2017, 21 today. Many are on the list to join the community
    • 1300 jobs created in total since their start, out of which 961 are based in Switzerland
    • 20% of job creation growth in average per year
    • The companies are between 3 and 15 years old
    • Many started off as startups. The initiative also counts SMEs
  • One reference website:
  • See the Scale Up Vaud label’s entry criteria